Affected by the ‘BIG FREEZE’?

Were you using Video Conferencing during the ‘BIG FREEZE’?

The extreme weather conditions earlier in the year caused chaos, with many people unable to get into work.

“almost half (44%) of workers stayed at home”
“could cost Britain’s economy up to £690m a day”
(Guardian, Wednesday 6th January 2010)

With Video Conferencing you could have kept in contact with your employees, customers and suppliers. All those cancelled meetings could have still taken place by video.

All you need is a pc, an internet connection & a Desktop Video Conferencing service!

Communication and collaboration are essential to business success, especially during disasters such as flooding, pandemics or snow. The ability to conduct ‘business as usual’ has significant impact to both productivity and profitability. Organisations should seriously consider equipping staff with Video Conferencing to work more effectively remotely.

The advantages of video conferencing far outweigh the costs.